When should my baby start baby sign?

1 month old isn't too early to be thinking about sign language - babies start learn communication skills before birth!

Our Oh Happy Sign baby sign classes in Darwen and Accrington start from 6 weeks old because baby's vision is developed enough to learn sign with you. What's more, it's an incredible way to bond.

The sooner you start, the sooner they will want to sign back to you! Signing doesn't stop your baby from talking - baby sign encourages speech and helps your baby remember first words easily!

Classes are up to preschool age because the more you sign with your little one the better their speech, confidence and communication skills are.

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Giving your baby the best head start

Did you know? Your little one's brain grows by grows by 85% in their first 3 years! Signing early gives helps them grow to be confident, happy and the ability to express themselves before speech when they are learning to talk.

Imagine how chuffed you'll feel when you can understand exactly what your baby wants!

Signing with speech also helps with memory and your little one could be up 12 IQ points by the time they go to school.

"Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained and delighted" - Dr. Suess

Shape your baby's brain for the future at Oh Happy Sign! 


Oh Happy Sign is BSL Signature accredited and insured by the Early Years Alliance.

"Give your little one the power to communicate with sign!" - Charlotte, Sign Teacher Oh Happy Sign

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